Clean-up Treks

Every step we take towards our mountains creates tons of waste. Mountains need us more than ever to clean and restore them. They need us to be more responsible, concerned and sensitive. Every tin collected, each wrapper picked up can make a significant difference. Mount Me Clean-up Treks is an initiative to collect as much trash as we can, while we are on the mountains. As of now, we have collected loads of waste with the help of trekkers and mountaineers, by cleaning the trails in the Sahyadri range and the Himalayas.

We invite corporate establishments to participate in our Corporate Clean-up Treks initiative and make it a vital part of their CSR activity. We also spread awareness about the initiative among communities, social groups and individual volunteers to make a difference.

Who Can Join the Clean-up Treks Initiative?

  • Corporate
  • Educational Institutions
  • Communities
  • Social Groups/Clubs
  • Volunteers
  • Trekkers

Let’s connect to our roots

Mountains are branded. Athletes are engaged in a race to climb the greatest 8000m peaks. Exploration has taken a back seat.
Our local treks are blessed with some of the most challenging peaks offering mesmerizing beauty. Hiking and trekking to local mountain ranges teaches us to value the existence of nature around us. #vocalforlocaltreks is an initiative to understand the historic significance and connection with our roots. Mount Me inspires trekkers to explore the beauty of local treks by organizing regular hikes and camping in the Sahyadri ranges.

At Mount Me, we regularly organise clean-up treks in Sahyadri range.