Darwa Top

Witness the beauty of Himalayas

Experience the beauty of the Himalayas by exploring a picturesque trek that concludes with a thrilling altitude gain. Located at an elevation of 4150 metres, Darwa Top, also known as Darwa Pass is a gorge connecting the Ganga and Yamuna River valleys. Darwa Top lies 5 Km ahead of Dodital. Dodital is considered the birthplace of Lord Ganesha and a home to one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes. The emerald green lake is nestled inside thick oak, pine, cedar and rhododendron forest. It has formed due to accumulation of natural streams coming down from the surrounding mountains.

The easy walk along the trail to Dodital, through dense forest, grasslands on the mountain slope, by the river gorges and remote hamlets, reaches the climax at the Darwa Top. From here one can see mesmerising mountain peaks like Swargarohini, Banderpunch, Draupadi ka Danda, Srikantha, Jaonli, and Deonli. 

Good Fitness Level Required

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