Takmak Fort


One Day Trek to Takmak Trek

Let’s connect to our roots.

Takmak Fort is one of the most beautiful and offbeat treks of Maharashtra. The fort is situated in the Vasai Tehsil, Palghar District. The base village for the trek is Sakawar which is at sea level. The trek gradually gains altitude and climbs up to 2000 feet from the base.

Takmak Fort was constructed in the 12th Century by King Bheemdev. During that period, it was used as a watchtower to look up the trade routes. This fort is very close to the Mumbai coast. Since, the Portuguese used to enter India through the sea, they invaded this fort after the Marathas.

The Takmak Fort was held by many rulers. The Marathas and the Portuguese were fighting for almost two centuries until the British took over this fort during the 18th century. They used this fort as a prison. The fort has seen a history for more than 400 years of a tussle to control.  Takmak Fort trek offers a scenic and beautiful walk through the village, passing through the dense forest and a thrilling ridge walk where you get to see the beauty of the Western Ghats. This forest has very thick vegetation and is rich in flora and fauna. You can find many Curculigo Orchioides and starflowers. These flowers look really pretty during the monsoon season.


2000 Feet (Approx.)

Trek Difficulty Level



Vasai, Palghar District

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6.00 am: Leave from Mumbai

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8.00 am: Reach to Base Village (Sakawar) and proceed for breakfast

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8.30 am: Begin the trek to Takmak Fort

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11.30 am: Reach at the top, enjoy the view, capture your moments and start your journey towards the base village.

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2.30 pm: Reach the base village and proceed for lunch.

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4.00 pm: Proceed for Mumbai


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