Karnala Fort


One Day Trek to Karnala Fort

Let’s connect to our roots.

Karnala Fort is a hill fort situated within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Raigad districtMaharashtra, India. It was a place of strategic importance since it overlooked the Bor pass, which connected the Konkan coast to the interior of Maharashtra (Deccan Plateau) on the main trade route between these areas.

This stunning quaint fort is one of the best specimens of the 13th-century constructions. It is likely to be constructed under the rule of Yadavs and Tuglaq before the 14th century. Till 15th century, the fort was under Nizamshahi rule.

When Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj wanted to capture the fort, his army initially surrounded the fort building temporary obstructions and continued to attack. After a few days, they captured the fort. Later, it was captured by the Mughal Empire, the Angres and Peshwas. In 1818, colonel Brother of the British conquered it. Finally, the tricolor was furled here. However, the cisterns here show that the fort is ancient and dates back to the 12th century.

It’s a beautiful trek, surrounded by picturesque landscape. There are huge trees with grounded roots appear as if they are holding the hill. The main route is a well-defined trail and goes straight through the center of the forest. The final climbing steps near the entrance of the fort are supported by iron railings, making it safe for the trekkers.


1440 Feet (Approx.)

Trek Difficulty Level

Easy to Moderate

Average Climbing Time

2 hours (One Way)

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5.30 am : Leave from Mumbai

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7.00 am: Reach Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Panvel and proceed for breakfast

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8.00 am: Begin trek to Karnala Fort

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9.30 am: Reach at the top (Karnala Fort), capture your moments, enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Sahyadri range.

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10.00 am: Start descending to the base

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12.30 pm: Reach to the base, relax for a while and proceed for lunch.

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3.00 pm: Departure


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